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Our Sauna Zone

Our two panoramic view saunas have an effect

We endeavour to provide our guests with a truly enjoyable hotel ambience and place their health and wellbeing at the forefront of our concerns. These factors contribute to your physical and psychological happiness, so you can spend your holiday in the Dolomites fully boosting and recharging your batteries.

Organic herbal sauna and Finnish sauna

In the topmost floor of our hotel you will find our unique panoramic saunas inviting you to enjoy deep relaxing moments. The organic herbal sauna stimulates your senses and, with its scented herbal mysteries and a particularly indulgent, hypoallergenic environment, presents a gentle complement to our hot, Finnish sauna.

After a healthy sauna, we recommend a cold shower and a delicious tea from our Tea Corner. Our cosy panoramic tranquility room over 42 m² invites you to relax - simply lay back, relax and enjoy the view! Or make yourself comfortable on one of the sunloungers on the large terrace right outside the tranquility room.

Sauna Zone

Georg Aichner

  • Wellness area open daily between 2pm and 8pm
  • Sauna area open daily between 4pm and 8pm
  • Bathrobes, towels and sauna slippers are in the room
    Cost: €5.00

Organic herbal sauna

An indulgent, soothing alternative to the usual type of sauna (Finnish sauna), the organic herbal sauna enjoys particular popularity with our sauna guests. The combination of low temperature and high humidity produces a pleasant heat that invigorates the circulation and the immune system, and helps boost the metabolism. The addition of essential oils and herbs from our garden rounds off the comforting ambience in the organic sauna with fresh scents that calm the airways and soothe mucus membranes.

Finnish sauna

The classic Finnish sauna is probably the most traditional and well-known sweat bath chambers. The relatively hot temperatures and the pleasant humidity levels have a positive effect on health: the heat transported in the dermal membranes cleanses the pores and boosts the metabolism. The helps the body rid itself of toxins, strengthens the immune system and blood vessels. After a period of intense perspiration in this sauna without aromatic supplements, a short, sharp cooling off period is recommended to stimulate the circulation and strengthen the immune system.

Tranquility room

A refreshing trip to the sauna can be combined with a recovery period afterwards in our tranquility room with its panoramic view - perfect. The cosy design and extensive interior beckons with its loungechairs, swingseats, lounge cushions and magnificent view. Recharge your batteries with a refreshing, invigorating herbal tea of your choice! The tranquility room also provides direct access to the world outdoors: take time to chill out in one of the sunloungers on our extensive terrace and listen to the quiet sounds of nature.

Outdoor Whirlpool

Silence, fresh mountain air, fascinating panoramic mountain scenery, prickling water… these are the ingredients for the perfect wellness experience. Forget the world around you and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds you.
Both summer and winter, you feel comfortable in any season.